• Entrepreneurship and Start-ups
  • Strategic Management
  • Innovation Ecosystems
  • Support of International Franchises in the Czech Republic
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
Excellences express the level of MVSO professional expertise across the whole range of its activities: the areas of teaching, R&D&I, and business services and products.
RNDr. Josef Tesařík, Director of MVSO

Entrepreneurship and Start-ups

  • Establishment and implementation of a regional centre for promoting entrepreneurialism among secondary schools
  • International project focusing on start-up support in academic environment among universities from V4 countries
  • Preparation and establishment of a Start-up Centre in the BEA Campus Olomouc

Strategic Management

  • Aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Research and development activities for family businesses
  • General characteristics and principles

Innovation Ecosystems

  • Innovation ecosystems in the Israeli healthcare sector
  • General principles and processes

Support of International Franchises in the Czech Republic

  • Franchise opportunities for the Czech Republic
  • Franchise implementation and development
  • Franchising processes and principles

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Role of CSR and its benefits in small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Ethical context
  • CSR principles in the EU