Moravian Business College Olomouc

We develop a comprehensive knowledge base
for the economic development of regions

which includes

Economics, Management, Finance, Marketing, HR, Entrepreneurship, Innovations 

and we connect 

theory and practice 

Digital technologies in teaching  

Networking with leading experts 

Individual approach to students 

Top-notch technological background 

International cooperation 

Study programmes in English  

Bachelor of Economics & Management

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Master of Economics & Management

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We are in the process of accreditation of new study programmes

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Accounting and Taxtion

Marketing and Multimedia

Corporate and Managerial HR

What our alumni and students say 

„MVSO showed me how to run a company. It gave me the courage to start a business with my classmate while still at school.“ Jan Talášek, founder of Beardy Bros.
„Thanks to MVSO I not only gained hundreds of contacts, internships abroad, but most importantly I got to know great teachers and school management better.“ Tomáš Zdražil, Investree
„Studying has been the challenge of my life. It helped me to grow up and understand that knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it.“ Marie Holčáková, 2021 graduate
„The approach to students has always been very friendly and respectful.“ Filip Heitel, Forex trader.


MVSO is a part of BEA Centre Olomouc

BEA Centre Olomouc interconnects the activities of companies focused on the transfer of know-how. Its goal is to create innovations aimed at the increase of competitiveness of local companies. This interconnection is inspiring for the study of ICT, management and economics.