Corporate Social Responsibility


  • CSR of small and medium-sized enterprises (for-profit and non-profit sector)
  • Individual Social Responsibility (ISR)
  • Business ethics


Bc. — E + M

  • CSR projects with MSME with outputs of actual implemented projects

Mgr. — E + M

  • Ethics and SR in MSME
  • Ethics and SR of health and social services
  • Business ethics

Pre/Post/MBA — HCI

  • Ethics and SR of health and social services

Science and research:

  • ETA (small and medium-sized enterprises) | currently running
  • IGA internal project on CSR in public administration | currently running


Advisory and consulting activities:

  • In the Czech Republic, M-CSR certification from the Czech Society for Quality is required for consulting activities. We are ready to meet the requirements. After completion, we will be able to perform this activity.

Courses for Olomouc region:

  • In case of an interest in the courses, we are able to realise them within the scope of our knowledge that should cover the MSME area.


Czech Republic:

  • Serendipity o.p.s.
  • Association of CSR in the ČR + CSR consultants in the ČR


  • Saint Petersburg University
  • Budapest Business School