Erasmus+ and exchange students

Application Deadline

EU students:

  • 14 June, 2024 for the Autumn Semester of the Academic Year 2024/2025.
  • 13 December, 2024 for the Spring Semester of the Academic Year 2024/2025.

Non-EU students:

  • 17 May, 2024 for the Autumn Semester of the Academic Year 2024/2025.
  • 15 November, 2024 for the Spring Semester of the Academic Year 2024/2025.

Application Procedure

Fill in the Application form with nomination from your university.

After that you will be asked to provide us with:

  • Your photo
  • Learning Agreement
  • Transcript of Records in English from your home university
  • English Level Confirmation or a copy of an English certificate
  • Copy of ID or passport

Please, fill in all the required documents. After your home university signs and stamps the documents, then scan the documents and send them to the following e-mail address:

List of Courses

Winter Semester 2024-2025

Code Name ECTS Credits
XABE1 Business Economics (detail) 6
XAMN2 Business Management (Part 1) (detail) 5
XAIEC Informatics for Economists (detail) 5
XAPSM Project and Subsidy Management (detail) 2
XAICS Intercultural Skills (detail) 2
ABE1F English for Special Purposes, offered: Meetings / Presentations / Finance (detail) 3
XAMC Marketing Communication (detail) 4
XASMB Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) (detail) 4
XAEC Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility of SME (detail) 3
XAMTE Modern Tools of Effective Management (detail) 5

Summer Semester 2024-2025

Code Course Name ECTS Credits
XAICS Intercultural Skills (detail) 2
XO1OA Business English (detail) 4
XCSFM Communication Skills for Managers (detail) 3
XAMIC Microeconomics (detail) 5
XAHR Human Resources Management (detail) 4
XBMA Brand Management (detail) 4
XASTM Strategic Business Management (detail) 3
XAIM International Management (detail) 4
XVCIM Value Chain and Innovation Management (detail) 3
XAPFI Public Finance (detail) 4
XDMA Digital Marketing (detail) 4
XAAEP Applied Economic Policy (detail) 4


MVSO Erasmus+ students usually stay in Palacký University dormitories located in the immediate surroundings of MVSO. 

There is a monthly fee of approx. 125 €.

Accomodation in dormitories is arranged by the MVSO International Office. Therefore, if you are interested in staying in the dormitories, please contact MVSO Erasmus+ Coordinator. We kindly ask you not to contact the dormitory accommodation office.

If you wish to find a flat or another place to stay, you are free to do so.



Please, confirm your arrival via e-mail to so that your buddy can pick you up.

A list of items you need to have on the day of your arrival:

  • ID, passport, visa (non-EU students)
  • Erasmus+ documents
  • CZK 3,150 (approx. 125 EUR) to pay a deposit for your accommodation in the dormitory

Any questions? Contact our International Office!