With Rector about the IDS Conference

The IDS conference gives us the opportunity to discuss socio-economic issues related to COVID-19 as well as innovations in health care. Through multidisciplinarity, we can form new ideas and solutions to serious problems.
assoc. prof. Jarmila Zimmermannová

What will this year’s IDS conference be about?

This year — the fifth year of the International Day of Science (IDS) conference — the focus will be on burning issues in the world today. Particular emphasis will be placed on the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19, spatial economics — spationomy, and innovation & sustainability in health care. However, it is not only the economic view that is essential, but rather multiple perspectives, or multidisciplinarity that can provide innovative solutions to individual issues.

What are your expectations and what will the conference offer?

We expect the IDS to be an inspiration for further research and that it will open up the possibility of international discussion on innovative solutions. The online format can help us attract conference participants from around the world to ensure international diversity. Undoubtedly, the main benefit for the school as well a message for its partners is that MVSO accepts the current challenges of the digital and COVID-19 era and responds to them.

What progress has MVSO achieved in the field of science? What are its current / recent successes?

MVSO is part of international scientific networks, and many members of the academic staff have developed active long-term partnerships with foreign universities. At the moment, MVSO is preparing to launch the Czech-Israeli Innovation and Partnership Centre, which will focus on innovation processes.

Has scientific research been affected in any way by the coronavirus pandemic?

From the point of view of research and communication, the research work conducted by academic staff members has been affected minimally — digitalisation is now the new normal and, at MVSO, we see it this way as well. On the other hand, the pandemic significantly affected the perception of society and its needs. In this respect, the IDS conference organized by MVSO will also contribute to social discussion.

What does MVSO plan to achieve in the field of R&D in the future?

First of all, we would like to focus on institutionalization of R&D at MVSO and stimulating the activities of international research teams. This corresponds with the main focus of R&D activities on innovation for sustainable development and health care. With respect to the business focus of MVSO, we will connect the R&D projects with practice.