Regional Economy

doc. Ing. Jarmila Zimmermannová, Ph.D.
manager of excellence
+420 587 332 318


  • Spatial economics—Spationomy
  • Economic policy, regional economy—advanced economic analyses


Bc. Economics and Management

  • Applied Economic Policy
  • Public Economics
  • Public Finance

Mgr. Economics and Management

  • Spatial economics

Pre/Post/MBA — Healthcare Innovations

  • Spatial analyses of medical facilities
  • Spatial analyses of patients and their conditions


  • International course Spationomy—spatial economics
  • International course Spationomy II—simulation games

Science and research:

  • Spationomy 2.0: Spatial and economic science in higher education—addressing the playful potential of simulation games (ERASMUS+ KA2)—implementation
  • Predestination for success: Multiple-criteria decision-making model of municipalities for economic strengthening of their budgets (standard GAČR)—preparation
  • Development of methods for assessing the impact of carbon emissions on the formation of sustainable strategies in Europe and Russian regions (bilateral GAČR)—preparation


Co-operation with the OHK Olomouc—in the form of consultations and assistance in the making of student’s bachelor and master’s theses; finished students’ theses and analyses serve the needs of OHK Olomouc

Expert services for public administration:

  • Olomouc region


Czech Republic

  • Palacký University (Department of Geoinformatics—prof. Voženílek and his team)
  • Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic (Department 25—strategy of tax policy, co-operation and administration, director—Ing. Hrdlička)
  • Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic (Department 251—department of economic analyses, head of department—Ing. Krejčová)
  • Bioeconomy Platform (platform head—doc. Hájek, participation in the economic section)


  • Within ERASMUS+ Spatinomy 2.0 project—Germany (Bochum), Slovenia (Maribor), The Netherlands (Utrecht) (implementation)
  • TU Dublin—conferences, publications, projects for the future (preparation)
  • RUDN Moscow—co-operation agreement, a submitted project (implementation)
  • University Siedlce—conferences, publications, projects for the future (implementation)
  • Budapest Business School—publications, projects for the future (implementation)